Some pet peeves that have been on my mind

Everyone has pet peeves; they bother some people worse than others. Here’s a few of mine.

One of my biggest is when people use medical terms, typically used in the diagnosis of mental illness, to make flippant statements. I heard someone say recently, “OMG I was so bipolar today. I was in a great mood when I woke up and now I feel like crap.” No, Karen, that’s just the human condition. I always feel like saying things like this totally minimizes and trivializes the shit people like me go through day in, day out in dealing with mental illness. It is possible for a neurotypical person to feel more than one way on any given day. I hate to be that person, but don’t diminish my struggles just to use soe en vogue phrase. Another one is “I’m so OCD.” No, you aren’t. You just like things neat and organized. You don’t spend a collective two hours over the course of the day washing your hands. I hate that these terms have become so popular.

Another big one is don’t call me honey. I got this a lot as a cashier, and I get this a lot when I’m just out and about. Honey, sweetie, dear. No. I don’t like when Mike calls me these things, so I sure as hell don’t want your creepy 60-something self to call me honey. I get that it’s from a different time, that women were always called this, blah blah blah, but I HATE it. I have a name. And when I’m working and have a name tag on it’s clearly right there for you to see it and use it. My mother took the time to give me a name. I would hate to see her effort go to waste.

The non-apology of “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Mike said that to me once and was subsequently read the riot act. Be sorry that you made me feel that way. I heard someone say this to someone else while I was out running errands recently and I actually felt bad for the person. They looked so defeated when that was the apology they got. That’s such a non-apology. It takes no ownership of the action that brought them to this place. It doesn’t take into account the way the action made the recipient feel. HATE.

I abhor when people are chronically late. I hate even more when other people excuse it by saying, “that’s just how they are.” No, that’s how they are because everyone has brushed off the fact that they are always late, with no good excuse, for their entire lives. I feel like it’s rude when you’re meeting someone for lunch or whatever to show up 20 minutes late, unless something came up before you got there. Traffic, kid wouldn’t go to bed, husband late coming home from work. Fine. But when it’s every stinking time? I’m over it.

I have a technology gripe. When I go out to dinner with family, friends, whoever, please don’t spend more time on your phone than you do talking to me. My brother is famous for this. As soon as we sit down, the phone comes out. Put the damn thing away and contribute to the conversation. I didn’t come here to stare at the top of your head. I have friends that do this – as soon as the Snapchat notification goes off they’re reaching for their phone. I mean, did you come here to see me?

And lastly, text speak. Use your words. Whole words. I admit, JFC, OMG, etc., can be useful. But typing the letter ‘u’ instead of the word ‘you’ drives me crazy. My mother is famous for this and it drives me nuts. We’re no longer texting on a keyboard that’s 9 keys for 26 letters. People laugh at me because I use proper punctuation in my texts, but I feel like it’s just respectful. (Unless I’m using voice-to-text through Siri, but even then I still try to throw in a comma when it’s needed.) It’s also a hell of a lot easier to read when it’s not a massive block of text.

So there’s that.

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