Depression, the new cat, and other things

You know, I find it odd, and slightly macabre-ly amusing that in this day and age people refuse to see the signs of depression in someone and how fast they are to write them off as symptoms of something else. Case in point – we spent the weekend with my in-laws. Our nephew is exhibiting what we both recognize as signs of depression. But everyone else wants to call it symptoms of a concussion he had a few months ago. I won’t count that out as a possible reason, but this kid practically screams I’m depressed from his actions and behaviors during the brief time we spent with him, and what everyone else has told us. Luckily, he’s already in counselling for something unrelated. I just hope that he gets the help that he needs. And I really hope that people start calling a spade a spade.

It’s such a shame that even today people refuse to acknowledge mental illness – even if it’s fleeting and not something lifelong like what I deal with. There’s still so much stigma attached, especially when dealing with teenagers. I’ve seen it with friends and family both. Oh, they’re just hormonal. Oh, it’s typical teenage angst. My kid isn’t depressed, they’re stronger than that.

Fucking stigma.

How many people – again, teenagers especially – suffer needlessly because of this? How long did I suffer in the late 90s before something was done for these same reasons?

New cat is settling in nicely. Very little drama now that the pecking order as been worked out. Namely the fact that Rosie is at the top and you better not forget it.

My mood is mostly stable. Thursday I was feeling a little manicky in terms of everything that I had to get done that day before we left. A few days before I was feeling a little down. Nothing major, and nothing that lasted. Just goes to show that while my meds are working, they’re not perfect. There’s still some slip-through. But these little moments didn’t last more than a few hours, and I was able to pull myself out of them eventually.

So that’s the Sunday round-up.

More to come later in the week.

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