A bit of smooth sailing this week and something really random

No surprise, as I work in a grocery store, that this week is going to be nuts. Funny story though – I’ve been taken out of my training store for the week and placed in stores that are actually in the region I’m ultimately going to be working in. My training store has been getting killed since Sunday. But here’s the funny part – I’ve been placed in two really small stores, and it has, quite literally, been smooth sailing. I’m getting texts from people from the store about how busy they are and how nuts it’s been. I’ve literally coasted for the last two days. There’s a chance I’ll be back in my training store on Wednesday for the culmination of the mayhem, but for right now, I’m enjoying it.

Mood this week has been pretty stable. I dozed off earlier this evening and woke up annoyed for about ten minutes, so that sucked. But it seems to have abated and I’m back to “baseline,” for the most part. Husband just told me I need to be tested for narcolepsy. While I don’t think that’s really the case, there’s something pretty fucked up about my sleeping and sleep schedule. I have a ridiculously hard time getting up in the morning – I’m talking having to set 15 alarms just to even think about getting up. I end up finally managing to get out of bed 20 minutes before I have to leave, and end up rushing around like a fool, which is no way to start a day. I’m scared to take even melatonin before bed if I have to be up in the morning because I’m worried that I’m going to completely sleep through my alarm.

It’s weird, it’s like my brain knows that I don’t really have to be up until 20 minutes before I leave so it lets me sleep that long, even though getting up earlier would mean an easier time in the morning. I also usually wake up exhausted (and honestly? That running around for 20 minutes is what wakes me up).

I don’t know. I would really just like to get a nice, normal sleep in and wake up refreshed and on time. I need to remember to talk to my shrink about this, but I don’t see him until February.

Now for something totally random – has anyone watched the show “Mountain Monsters?” It’s so bad it’s great. It’s monster hunting meets Scooby Doo meets the Deep South. I can’t describe it. It goes from hilariously bad to hilariously awful, and I love it.

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