I really don’t have anything to say today

I’m drawing a blank tonight. There’s nothing that springs to mind that I want to write about, or even to get off of my chest.

A girl I used to work with asked me to be a reference for her. That was kind of flattering. But I also realize that she can’t ask anyone she currently works with as that company has the bad habit of firing people that they hear are looking for a new job. I hope she gets it. She’s a good kid, and has worked hard.

A friend of mine had a baby recently, and she contacted me the other day about rehoming her 4 cats because she doesn’t have time for them and she’s scared to have them around the baby. Let’s be honest, it’s probably more of part B and less of part A. I’m trying really hard not to judge her. I’m sure it’s a tough spot to be in. But I’m a big believer that adopting a pet is just like getting married – for better or worse. You figure out a way to make it work when times get tough. You don’t just… give up. I’m trying so hard not to judge, but I’m disappointed. Very disappointed.

Mike surprised me with an early Christmas present and bought me a new Apple Watch. I had been rocking the series 2 for the last three and a half years, and it was on it’s last leg – didn’t hold a charge, I had to turn off all of the notifications to try to save what little battery I had. It pretty much told time, and that was it. When it had a charge, that is. I swear, it spent more time in Power Saving Mode than anything else. So he decided to use his bonus to upgrade me to a fancy, new Series 5. I feel so fancy. And all of my notifications are back. I’m excited.

I’ve… got nothing else.

I’m still just plugging along as best as I can. Is this stability?

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