Feeling more like myself

Last post I was burned out, annoyed, and frustrated.

I’m feeling a lot better.

Our boss called us all into a bit of an impromptu meeting. Other than the week of the 4th of July, we really shouldn’t be working 6 days. Maybe an occasional week here or there, but that isn’t going to be the norm going forward. Thank goodness for that. So that made me feel better. There’s nothing we can do about the sales projections, but I’ll take a win when I can get one.

I’m still pretty burned out, though. My sleep has been disrupted, my mood is still good, but there’s a sharp edge to it, if that makes sense. I remember about two years ago, I told my shrink that I felt brittle. I don’t feel like that, really, but everything going on makes me think of that conversation. I think that at this point I’m just tired.

Dealing with the general public in this day and age is just exhausting. The people that were nice before the pandemic started, are nicer now, more patient, understanding that policies and the general way of doing things have changed. The people that were assholes… well, they’re worse. A lot worse. I hate people. You can only be verbally abused for so long before it just becomes too much.

I can only hope that things will go back to relative normalcy relatively soon, but I worry that the attitudes people have adopted will prevail long after we’ve stopped wearing face masks.

4 thoughts on “Feeling more like myself

    1. Agreed. I’m really over getting screamed at because we ask customers to wear a mask. I mean, this has been going on for weeks. Nothing new. And yet? Screaming and swearing.

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