Political mayhem

Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.

Mark Twain

I’ve been following politics relatively closely for a number of years. Once I realized that I didn’t support the indoctrination my parents tried to instill, I found my own viewpoints, things that I support unequivocally, and my own way of thinking. It’s funny, Mike and I kind of accidentally made this journey together, and we both ended up at the same points of view, for the most part. (Come on, we don’t agree on absolutely everything, even if it does seem that way sometimes.)

In the last presidential election I did not vote for the Giant Cheeto, which should come as no surprise to anyone that’s read this blog. But I’ve gotten so much amusement recently as news is trickling in that non-presidential races (i.e. Senate, House, local, etc.) that should be a slam dunk for the Republicans are becoming tight races/dead heats/out and out slugfests. And these incumbent Republicans are getting pissed. And I just sit here and laugh. You want to defund science? You want to deny global warming? You want to IGNORE THE SPREAD OF A FUCKING PANDEMIC? Here are your just desserts, bitches.

Do I think Biden is the answer to all of our prayers? No. But I think at this point he’d be a lot better than what we’re currently dealing with.

I hate that the two men running on major party tickets are over 70. I hate that it’s going to take years more until a younger generation, a generation more in tune with reality, is going to come into power. I hate that these septuagenarians refuse to fucking retire. I hate that my generation is blamed for everything (and it really does feel like everything, sometimes) even though we’re the ones getting the short end of the stick. There’s so much politically that I have so much disdain for, and I hate to say it, but things won’t change until a large number of Baby Boomers leave this plane of existence. I hate that radicalism is more prevalent than rationality. That hate is more prevalent than love.

I feel so helpless when it comes to seeing change. I mean, I vote, I donate money, I volunteer where I can, but I just wish that I could do more, you know?

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