A review – Amazon Personal Shopper


This is going to be a little different than my normal posts, but I wanted to share this for anyone that has Amazon Prime.

There’s a program called Amazon Prime Personal Shopper. Now, I’m the first to admit that my wardrobe is seriously lacking, especially as we move into fall and winter. I’m sure you gathered by now that my style has drastically changed over the past year from “meh, that’s kind of ok I guess” into something a little more deliberate. I have a hard time shopping for myself. At the stores around here I never seem to find what I want, and end up with more of the first category or nothing at all, rather than something I really like and am excited about.

I tried StitchFix a number of years ago, and while I liked it, most of the clothes were kind of pricey, and since I didn’t have a real style at that point, I kept getting sent things that were very preppy. I tried to love the pieces I kept, but ultimately they just weren’t a good fit for me, although at the time I wasn’t really sure why.

So I took a chance and have now done two months of the Amazon Prime Personal Shopper, and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier. To start, you leave a brief note for your stylist as to what you’re looking for, what your style is, etc. You can also take one of those “Would You Wear This?” quizzes that these services are so fond of. You’re charged a $4.99 styling fee, which compared to other services I’ve used in the past is pretty low. But it doesn’t get applied to your balance of what you keep.

But whoever has done the styling for the last two months, I don’t know if it’s been the same person or different people, have freaking NAILED the boxes I got.

Now, the best part about the Amazon service, is that once your picks are curated, you get an email. You’re directed to an Amazon page where you can pick up to 8 things from either the picks generated, or each pick has a “something similar” (or something like that) link under each pick that you can also pick from. You can change the washes on jeans. You can find a shirt or a pair of shoes that you might like to go with a pair of pants. I think I even had a jewelry suggestion in one of these boxes. So you’re not just totally limited to the list that they picked.

Once you’ve made your selections, your box is shipped out. Once you receive it you have seven days to try everything on and make your final picks with what you’re keeping and what you’re sending back. For each thing, whether you’re keeping it or returning it, you can tell the stylist what you did, or didn’t like about each piece. Everything from fit, too large, to small, material, color, quality, etc. I’ve read that the more things that you select, the better able they are in the future to find something that you might like.

The prices are pretty reasonable. Again, at the beginning you can choose a price point to stay in for each item. This box I kept 3 things (including a pair of Levi’s jeans), and my total was only around $100, probably half of that being the jeans. The first box I kept four things, I believe, and the box was still under $150. They send you a return label to send everything back, all you have to do is drop it at a UPS point.

I have to say, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe, know what you like, but have a hard time finding it, I recommend this. Highly. I’m the kind of person that hates shopping, especially as my tastes are kind of specific and I don’t have the time or patience to really shop for what I want.

I really do think that all of these boxes are what you make of them – if you’re vague in your notes, you’re going to get a wider selection of items that might not really be to your taste. If you’re specific you’re giving them more to work with and less they have to sort through to find something that you might like.

I’ve only been doing the month to month styling, and I’ll probably hold off again until January or February once it’s time to start thinking about spring clothes just because I don’t need a ton of clothes, overall. In the winter, especially to work, sweaters are the name of the game for me. This year for out of work things I plan on shaking it up a bit, but this was definitely able to get me some good basics to go on.

Anyway, there it is. I know a lot of people aren’t aware that Amazon has this service, so I figure I’d throw it out there for anyone that hates shopping as much as I do.

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