week in review

Week in Review – 10.18.2020`

What a week. The most notable thing that happened is that my insomnia came back hard Friday night. I ended up being up for almost 27 hours. Luckily there was two of us at work yesterday morning, and I had a ton of comp time, so I boogied out of there once everything I needed to get done, was done. Then I came home and slept for 18 hours. I just woke up, and I actually don’t feel like wet, hot garbage, so that’s a plus. Luckily I close tonight so I can get a bunch of stuff done in the morning, go to work, come home and pass out again to hopefully reset the clock.

So here are the highlights.

  • started working out, and actually made it back to the gym this week. I feel like that was the final piece of the puzzle in the “am I feeling better” question. Three times this week to start, I’m hoping to hold there for a week or two, and then knock it up to 4 times a week. I’d like to get back to 5, but I think 4 is a good goal for now. In the meantime, I lost almost 2 pounds last week. So woooo! for that.
  • overall a very productive week. Everything I wanted to get done – and then some – got done. I’m relearning to manage my time and prioritize the things that need to be done, and get those things done before I tackle anything else (or at least have a plan to tackle those things when I get home, whatever).
  • got my Winter Soldier tattoo finished this week. It was a good session. My tattoo guy and I got along ridiculously well, which combined with his talent, is why he and I are doing all of this work. About a month ago we did the border and the red star in the middle. This week we did all of the gray/blue metal work. Personally I’m quite pleased without how it turned out. It’s actually already starting to peel – Mike and Johnny both call me the Wolverine of tattoos about how ridiculously fast and well I heal. I have money on that it’s healed by Halloween.
  • Work was good. I went in for a few hours in the morning one that I closed one night to give them a hand. Garnering goodwill where I can. This week I’m going to start looking seriously at corporate jobs and putting my resume together with that in mind. The only way something is going to happen with my career is if I make it happen.
  • The most notable thing that happened this week was the insomnia, and hopefully that was a one-off. My pdoc advised that after the calamity that was August that it might pop up every now and then for the next few months, and it sucks. When it happens, it always works that I never feel even remotely tired until it’s time to go do something.

That’s pretty much it for last week. I’m kind of enjoying these productive, boring weeks. I’m just hoping that nothing upsets the apple cart.

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