It’s done (mostly)

I know a few people have been following the saga of the office setup, and I’m happy to say it’s 90% done. The only thing left to do is haul the bookcase upstairs and get the rest of the Funkos and all of the books up here. We’re just waiting for a night that neither of us is exhausted. But everything is put together, everything is on the walls, and I’m rocking and rolling in my own space.

Here’s a few pictures.

Yes, it’s still a functional guest room. Or cat room. Which ever.
The desk setup.
The nerd wall

So there it is.

I have a really hard time visualizing things, so when I picked everything out I figured I would just pick stuff that I liked or thought I could use, and then figure it all out when the time came. Only one thing went back to Amazon.

And yes, those a skeletal feet under the monitor like they’re what’s holding it up.

What’s not pictured is the closet where I built a cube organizer that I got from Target to organize all of my craft stuff. It worked out perfectly. I found a number of projects that I had started but never finished for whatever reason, including a blanket I started a few years ago that was inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas (the unfinished blanket is draped over the back of the chair in the last picture).

Other than the bookcase, the only thing I want to get is an actual, comfy, reading chair to go in place of the one that’s currently there. It’ll serve it’s purpose, for now, but I’m not the biggest fan of that chair. It’ll do for now, but that’s one thing I definitely want to do in the future. I’m thinking a bright blue armchair. But I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.

It’s kind of funny though – it’s sparked a bit of a good-natured “office war” while Mike figures out what he’s going to do with his room. Early verdict from friends that have seen the new setup is that so far I’m way ahead and it’ll be hard for him to beat me. Take that, Mike!

Newton and Rosie have claimed their places on the bed, and Peepers seems to prefer to be under the desk next to my feet. Darwin and Watson are in and out and haven’t seemed to stake claim to anything yet. I did put a cat bed under the desk, but so far no one has used it. There’s a stuffed cat currently in it to make me feel better about hauling it up here.

Mike’s getting a 3D printer for Christmas, and one of the things I’m going to make is Andúril, from Lord of the Rings to hang above the window, since no one wants to hang curtains for me. (It’s an exterior brick wall that’s a bitch to drill into; I get it.) I have a few other 3D printed plans, but if anyone has suggestions I’m open to hearing them.

At some point I want to start a wand collection, from Harry Potter. I’ve got a couple on my Christmas list, and a few others on a wish list on Amazon as well as a display case. I’m going to have a lot of room on the bookcase since I purged my books a few weeks back. Needless to say, I have a lot of plans for my new space.

Nothing else really going on. It’s overall been a good week, but we’ll get into that more on Sunday.

Stay safe, friends.

3 thoughts on “It’s done (mostly)

    1. Thanks! A friend and I wrestled the bookcase upstairs yesterday. It’s a good thing I got rid of all of those books a few weeks ago because I filled it right back up with new ones. Oops?

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