I swear, holidays bring out the nastiness in people

It’s been a week. For as much as it seemed like we’ve made progress in terms of people’s general nastiness recently, we back slid hard this week.

I said on Tuesday that I got screamed at more in that one day than I have in the past two months. Everything from the store closing early on Thursday, to not wanting to show ID to buy wine, to not wanting to wear a mask, to the fact that it was raining (I wish I was kidding). In most cases we’re jut following policy – either our own, or the damn state’s. People are just being dicks.

This is one of the reasons that I hate the holidays. So many years working various retail jobs in various positions has made me loathe the last full week of November-New Years.

And I know that the pandemic is making it worse – people are stressed to begin with, I get it. I really do. But for the love of God why can’t you just be nice?? Retail workers are people too.

So in short, don’t be a dick to the people waiting on you or trying to help you. We’re all stressed, and you’re really just making it worse.

I fucking hate people. I can’t wait for January.

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