Better get that toilet paper and bread

Well, we’re on the cusp of the first major snowfall of the year (arguably the first major snowstorm of the last two years as we’re supposed to get more over the next 24 hours than we did in one shot last year), and work was CRAZY busy yesterday. I’m assuming it’s going to be nuts today until the snow starts, and then we’ll die off to nothing as the snow picks up. If we do get 6-8 inches in the next 12 hours it’s going to be interesting getting home tonight. I just hope that since the DOT and the local municipalities know that this is coming that they’ll be proactive and actually get ahead of this. I don’t want to stay in a hotel tonight. I also don’t want it to take two hours to get home when it normally takes me 15 minutes. I also don’t want to die trying to get home. The wonders of living where there are lots of hills – when it snows, it sucks. Hard.

I’m not a fan of driving in the snow. I get anxious, and I get nervous. It’s not that I can’t drive in the snow – I’m more than aware of how to safely navigate it, and I have a car with all-wheel drive and snow tires. I know it’ll be fine, but it’s still nerve wracking.

Well, happy first snowfall of the year. Stay safe out there!

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