week in review

Week in review – 01.03.2021

Well here we are, new year and all. Last year was…weird, to say the least. Looking back at last year at this time none of us had any inkling about what was on the horizon. It’s been a big year for all of us, in so many different ways. But it’s kind bittersweet for me – so much good happened last year in addition to all of the bad. It’s kind of odd to think about because there’s always a backdrop of bad to everything. It’s also odd to think that we’re living through something they’re going to talk about in the history books. With 9/11 it was different – it was a one time, one moment thing that, yes, we’ve been dealing with the consequences ever since, but it happened and then we were allowed to start to heal. This has been 9 months of just a continual onslaught. Between the pandemic and the election, it’s like the gift that you don’t want, but never stops giving.

That being said – let’s look at last week.

  • The week, by and large, was pretty normal. Work, errands, whatever. Nothing overly exciting happened, really. Went to work, spent time with Mike and the cats, blogged a bit, cleaned the house… event wise, literally nothing.
  • I started looking into intuitive eating. Rather than tracking every bite that I eat and depriving myself of things that I wanted, I discovered a thing called intuitive eating. It’s basically a mindset of eating when you’re hungry, and eating what you want, but don’t overeat, and don’t deprive yourself of food. It’s hard to start. I’m still kind of tracking, but it’s a hard habit to break since I’ve been doing it for over a year. I’m trying to learn when I’m hungry, and for what, and make smart food choices that aren’t based on calories. It really is hard, but I’m starting to make progress. But I admit, at the beginning I ate anything and everything in sight. It was as if throwing the brakes off and hitting the accelerator. But since those first few days it’s been getting a little easier every day. There’s a book that’s highly recommended about it that I’m probably going to borrow from the library when I’m done with what I’m currently reading, and see what it says that I haven’t already read on the internet.
  • I rang in the New Year by starting a new book – Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer and I’m riveted to it. I’ve been fascinated by Everest for awhile, and I’ve read about the ’96 expedition and the results of the climb, but I had no idea Krakauer was actually on the climb and the book is his perspective about what happened. I’m finding myself with any free minute opening my Kindle app and reading a bit more. There’s a few topics that I tend to be overly interested it – the Tudors, the R.M.S. Titanic, and Everest. There’s a few other random topics here and there that tend to pique my interest more than others, but these are the big three.
  • One of my goals for the year was to limit my time on social media. As a start, I’ve moved my Facebook app out of my main social media folder and stuck it on the very last page of apps on my phone. I’m trying to ignore it as much as possible. I’ve checked notifications once or twice a day, but I haven’t posted, and I haven’t scrolled through my news feed. I don’t want to get rid of it completely, but I don’t want it to be the go-to when I’m bored or have nothing better to do. Reading a book or the news would be a much more worthwhile use of my time. Personally I’ve found that it adds very little of any value to my life, so it’s time to minimize my time on it.
  • I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and one of the things that I bought is one of those “timed” water bottles that says you should be this far through by 9 AM, 1, PM, 6 PM whatever. I seem to have taken it as a challenge to drink 2L of water a day. I’ve been using it since last Tuesday or so, and every day I’ve chugged down enough to hit the goal each day. The upside of this is that I’m drinking a lot less soda than I was (I didn’t drink a ton, but more than I should have).
  • I started watching Full Metal Alchemist this week after finishing up Schitt’s Creek (which was hysterical and I highly recommend). I’m totally seeing why people love this anime. It’s just… so well done. And I’m totally charmed by it.
  • The gym opens back up tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to getting there early and getting my run on. I’m looking forward to really diving into this year and everything that I want to get accomplished.

That’s it for this week. Nothing overly exciting, I was just kind of spinning my wheels last week. There was a lot that I wanted to get started, but I wanted to wait until the new year to really dive back into it. I don’t know why, really. But it gave me the sense of a concrete start date, which sometimes I feel like I need.

Stay safe, friends!

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