I really wish that I could actually tell people what I try to do for them

So my employees are all hot because hours have been cut. Every retail job I’ve ever worked, hours are cut in January into February. But you’d think that I was personally responsible. Meanwhile, I fight every week to get them the hours that they end up with. I’m told to schedule each of them the minimum we can, and every week I beg, barter, and plead for hours. And I usually get them, even if I have to beg for extra hours from other departments. But I get it done. And I keep everyone above the minimum. But all they do is bitch – but about the cuts, but that so-and-so has 30 more minutes than they do and they have seniority (I wish I was kidding), bitch, bitch, bitch. I’m at the point where I want to tell people that if they don’t like it, quit. But sadly, I can’t.

Needless to say, I’ve been aggravated for the last few days. Wednesday it was exacerbated by the fact that my batteries on my vape died (I don’t know how this happened; I literally have 5 sets of batteries and they were all dead), and I was forced to buy one of the little stick vapes to get me through the day. It served it’s purpose, but it definitely didn’t help the general annoyance of the day.

I did get to watch/listen to the inauguration the other day. For the first time in recent memory I felt hopeful. Hopeful that things like science and reason had a place in this country again.

On a different note, I was transferred, I start at the new store on Sunday. I guess people are going to realize how much I do for them. I think some of them are figuring it out. The general mood of the store yesterday was outrage. I was actually surprised at the outpouring of good feelings toward me. When I walked in the door yesterday I was pretty much rushed by a number of employees telling it wasn’t fair, and that they wished I was staying. Everyone stopped by the office to wish me luck and to tell me that they wished I was staying.

I actually had a few ask me if it would keep me there if they threatened to resign in protest. I said no, the only thing that would happen is I’d still be in the new store and they wouldn’t have a job.

I saw the writing on the wall a few weeks ago, which you know if you’ve been reading this blog, so I started then putting together a document for my successor with scheduling notes, passwords, a bit on everything that I did while I was there. Including projects I was working on, things around the store that I did, things that he needs to know, etc. It’s 7 pages. I’m still thinking of things that I’m going to have to add tomorrow when I’m back at work for my last day. This poor dude is going to be totally overwhelmed. But it’s been a good exercise for me in that I’ve had to really put thought into the things that I’m involved in and will help when I go to edit my resume tonight.

My feelings are mixed. On one hand I get out of a small market store and into the second biggest store in the region. I get to work with most of the team from my first store right out of training – I know them, I’ve worked with them before, and I’m looking forward to working with most of them again. But I’m nervous. My anxiety is going pretty hard. I have a hard time with new things, and while I know it will be fine and it will ultimately probably be a good thing, it’s still nerve wracking to start something new.

So I’m sad to leave my current store – we made a lot of progress in the year that I’ve been there, I made a lot of great relationships with peers and employees, I made a lot of great relationships with customers. It’s going to be very bittersweet leaving. These people were really the ones that showed me how to me a manager, and many of them have become friends. There were actually a few tears, not even shed by me.

I guess it’s time to start a new chapter.

That’s it for now. My Sunday update is probably going to come late at night so I can give a glimpse into my first day.

Stay safe, friends!

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