The culture of influencers

Know what I don’t get? Influencers and the culture that they come from. The most notable ones, of course, are the makeup, lifestyle, and gamer ones. (Those are at least the ones that I’m familiar with.) I just… I don’t understand why some of these people are idolized to the degree that they are. I mean, people emulate them – and I don’t just mean their style. People, most notably teens, look up to these people as their moral compass, want to emulate their lives after them, and expect to get the same kind of success that these people did.

From what I’ve seen, though? These people are toxic as hell. The petty squabbles between them, the “throwing shade” that goes on, the drama, etc. I just don’t get it – why are these people famous, at least on some circles? Most people have at least heard names like Jeffree Star or Jaclyn Hill, and… I just don’t get it.

I work with a lot of younger kids, kids in their late teens, and I’ve heard from more than one that they’d love to be like or look like Jaclyn Hill. And I think to myself, but why? She wears way too much makeup, it mostly isn’t makeup you’d wear on a day to day basis. And these people seem to be petty as all hell, what with their beefs with each other. And then after a period of time they go back to being besties! I fell down a rabbit hole the other night watching about how horrible a person Jeffree Star is, and good grief. I just don’t understand why these horrible people are famous and have such cult followings.

Add to the fact that these people are so culturally tone deaf! They lead these ultra privileged lives and have such a disconnect with reality.

Can someone please explain this all to me? Because I’m seriously baffled by the whole thing.

These are not people to look up to, to emulate, to aspire to be. And yet? Here we are.

Ugh. I’m so disgusted that these people have any space in my head.

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