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Week in Review – 03.07.2021

I can’t believe that we’re solidly into March already. This year feels like it’s going so quickly. At the same time, the beginning of January feels like it was a lifetime ago.

So last week, let’s get moving.

Diet wasn’t too bad. I had a few days of extra snacking, but overall it wasn’t too bad. I meant to weigh myself this morning and take some measurements, but I forgot I wanted to do that and ate breakfast, so I guess that I’ll do that tomorrow? I worked out four days, one day at the gym running and three days at home lifting. My biceps are screaming at me today. It’s funny – I generally don’t feel it the day after, it’s two days after that I’m in the worst shape. But I’m generally feeling pretty good. Even if the scale isn’t moving in the direction that I want all that quickly, I’m feeling the effects of being more active – I have more energy, I’m starting to sleep better, I’m more productive overall. I just need to keep the momentum going. (If anyone is curious, I’m doing the Beachbody LIIFT workouts at home. I’m not a fan of Beachbody’s business model, but their workouts are legit.)

Mood wise we’re still rolling pretty good. I feel good. I think it’s probably a combination of things going relatively well at work, getting some good sleep, diet being more drilled down on, being more active both at work and at home, getting to spend a decent amount of quality time with Mike… things are generally going well. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, though. It feels like I don’t get to have extended periods of time that things go well without something going horribly wrong. But, I guess at the same time, life is just… normal. It’s not like I’ve won the lottery or suddenly solved all of our problems. Is this how normal people live? With things just going well? My mental health is just so good right now… I can’t believe that people actually live like this without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

There’s an update to the kitten adoption. We are still getting the kitten, but spoiler! We’re getting two. The shelter called last week and asked if we would consider taking both sisters. Mike and I talked about it, and decided, what the hell. We can afford it, we’ve got the space, and honestly? Our oldest, Darwin, is 15 with kidney problems. We can’t expect him to live forever. It’s funny, when Watson died we were blindsided. Mainly because we had both been convinced that if we were going to lose one, it would be Darwin. So Misses Agatha and Salem will be joining the house on Thursday. I’m driving down that morning to get them. I’m excited. One is all black, one is a tuxedo. They’re about 4 months old and from the videos they’ve sent me, sweet as can be.

I was pretty social this week, surprisingly. Had dinner dinner with old coworkers on Monday, dinner with my family on Thursday, and dinner with another friend last night. I also had a tattoo appointment on Thursday. (The new ink looks amazing, I’m excited to see the whole thing when it’s done – we’re thinking by the end of the year. We’re in this for the long haul.) If I remember I’ll post pictures sometime this week.

I’m also starting a coding course this week. The school where I got my masters is trialing a boot camp sort of program for different coding languages at a deeply discounted rate to alumni. I figured what the hell, this could open up some new career doors down the road. And as usual, I like learning things. I think that I’m going to be one of those people that’s considered a life-long student.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week’s wrap-up. I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and has a good week. Stay safe, friends!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review – 03.07.2021

    1. Exactly. It’s almost anxiety-inducing, wondering when it’s going to end. It’s messed up when your own chemical imbalance is your worst enemy.


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