It’s International Women’s Day

It makes me kind of sad that this has to be a thing. Why can’t we celebrate women and their accomplishments every day? Be that as it may, it’s a good time to look back at some of the notable achievements of women, especially during times that their work wasn’t acknowledged, or even really culturally allowed.

Take Rosalind Franklin and her work on x-ray crystallography on DNA which was instrumental in Watson and Crick confirming the structure of DNA. Sure, they had an inkling that it was in some kind of helix shape, but her top down images confirmed them all. But her work wasn’t acknowledged for years, and she didn’t share in the fame that Watson and Crick did for years. Her work was given to them by a colleague/supervisor without her knowledge. And it wasn’t until years later that her work was acknowledged. It’s a mystery whether or not she would have been awarded the Nobel Prize with the two because she died before then, and Nobels are not awarded posthumously. But she had a direct and important contribution to one of the greatest scientific discoveries and for many years was just a footnote in textbooks, if even that.

But it was women like Rosalind, Amelia Earhart, Ada Lovelace, Susan B. Anthony, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Marie Curie, Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, the suffragettes in the 20s like Emmaline Pankhurst, the women of the Civil Rights movement like Ida B. Wells, and the list goes on. We stand on the shoulders of those women, and I thank them for their perseverance.

3 thoughts on “It’s International Women’s Day

  1. because most of the people think is a holiday, be joly! women’s day, yey!! tomorrow, some of those same people disrespect, treat or etc to those same woman. For me is a celebration 365, we accomplish so much, have to work twice and had to deal with everyday shit, so, no thank you, i don’t follow the trend, i just respect myself and all womens because who we are is not a 1 day celebratory


    1. I agree with you, for the most part. I also, though, think that there should be a time where we can celebrate the accomplishments of women, especially when they were the trailblazers

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