I’ve got nothing in the tank today

I managed to wake up earlier than normal, and then proceeded to go back to sleep. I’m tired today. Not really down, but kind of… meh? My good mood seems to have slightly evaporated for today. Hopefully it’s back tomorrow.

I’ve got a rough few days at work coming up and then things settle down around the end of the week. Possibly it’s staring down the barrel of a crappy schedule that’s got me a little down.

Anxiety is also back, a little.

I hate Daylight Savings Time. It seems like it takes me forever to get readjusted to the time change.

Two more weeks until vacation. Mike’s got a few days off that week, too. We’ve got some plans to take a day trip or two to some places around here he hasn’t seen yet. I’ve also got some things to do to get the yard and the beds ready for the season.

I’ll be back Friday (ish). Hopefully with more desire to write about… something. Hopefully feeling more normal and more myself.

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