The birthday that’s going horribly wrong

My stepbrother’s birthday is today, and his fiancé is throwing him a surprise party. Great. Sounds like a good time. But in the past 24 hours plans have changed twice, and when I don’t immediately say “yeah! We’ll be there!” my mother gets pissed. I’m sorry, I have to wait for Mike to get home from work. I can’t magically make him appear so we can be there on time. We planned for one thing, now that thing has changed twice. Not my fault. We’ll be there when we can be there. Don’t like it? Don’t change plans at the last minute and then get mad when I say that I can’t do it. I’m about to say that we’re not feeling well and can’t make it.

This is typical with my family. We make a plan for something – birthdays, holidays, Tuesday night dinner, whatever, and then “something comes up” and they want to make a change, and then get mad when that chain doesn’t work for us. I’m sorry we’re not retired and have nothing better to do with our day. We work, we have appointments and commitments. We often can’t change plans at the drop of a hat. It’s not that we’re not flexible, it’s that we can’t spontaneously rearrange things on a whim. I can’t change what time we get done with work, for example.

I’m irritated, and it’s not a good way to start the day.

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