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Week in Review – 05.02.2021

Sometimes I wonder if these WIRs have a point. I mean, I blog three times a week, often about what’s currently happening. Sure, occasionally they get me to reflect on something that’s happened, but… I don’t know.

Not a whole lot happened last week. But let’s get into what did.

  • One of the cats is sick. He’s got a nasty eye infection that was making its way around the house, and he’s laid low by it. I was concerned yesterday that he wasn’t drinking enough so three different times I literally say on the floor giving him water through a medication syringe. Mike laughed that he now understands why people say that when they die they hope they come back as one of our cats. Luckily he seems to be feeling a bit better. I’m just hoping he can kick this soon.
  • The girls have settled into the house nicely. Everyone is getting along, playing together, sleeping together, eating together. All is well.
  • I took the week off from the gym by recommendation of my new therapist. I needed to take a break and reset. I needed to remember why I enjoy working out, rather than just seeing it as a chore. I didn’t totally take the week off, I tried some new at-home workouts, did some yoga, things that weren’t as intense as hitting the treadmill. Meditation, that kind of thing. See if something else twigged my interest. I did find a Beachbody program that I liked, so I might supplement that with days I can’t get to the gym. I hate the Beachbody business model, but they are legit workouts.
  • I dropped down my nicotine in my vape from 6mg to 3mg. I thought it would make me, at the very least, grouchy, but it really hasn’t seemed to have that, or any, effect. I might be hitting in a bit more, but again, nothing crazy. All in the name of getting off of this thing entirely. It’s not going to happen any time soon, but I’ll know when the time is right to go to 0mg. I’ve been smoking since I was 16. I’ve quit a few times, for a few years once, but clearly it didn’t stick.
  • Diet was mostly good. I’ve pretty much decided that since I wasn’t far from my original starting point, and had started counting macros, that I would count Saturday as day 0. Take my measurements, and start over. Get serious about the whole thing. Love the work.
  • Pretty quiet socially. I didn’t get out much (at all). Laid low last week. Trying to tentatively make plans for this week and the next few. Maybe get baseball tickets and head to a game with a few friends. Getting the game planned is my highest priority this week, socially speaking at least.
  • I bought a Turkish snack box off of Amazon, it’ll be here tomorrow. We did this with a Japanese one last year and had a fun time picking through and trying everything. I was going to buy the British one, but this looked like more fun. We’ll do British next time. That’ll be a fun night of drinking and eating weird stuff.
  • I think things are going to work out with the new therapist. She’s got me thinking about things in a different way. Making me look at the things that I’m doing and trying to figure out why I do things – do I like doing them? do I feel like I should or have to? Is there a logical reason? Kind of funny when you start dissecting your life and the things that you do every day. And it’s amazing the things that you can trim out when you realize that they add no joy or purpose to your life.
  • I finished two books this week. The first is Iron Gold by Pierce Brown. It’s the fourth in the Red Rising series. I adore that series. It’s so well done. If you like sci-fi, fantasy, or even just world-building, you should check it out. The second was a cheesy romance I got on Kindle Unlimited that was complete fluff but not all that bad. I needed something lighter after Iron Gold, because that book was heavy. It was a lot. The fifth book in the series is a monster, but I’ll tackle that later this year when I’m in the frame of mind to tackle that kind of beast.
    My reading goal for the year is 40 books, I’m currently at 12. Goodreads claims that I’m one behind schedule. I’ll catch up. This is one goal I definitely want to hit this year.
  • I have finally found planner peace! I’m using the Erin Condren Daily Duo this year, and it’s taken some trial and error, but I think I finally have things set up the way that I want them. The release for next year starts tomorrow, but my planner goes through the end of the year. Thankfully, really, as there are two or three options I’m looking at trying to figure out what I want. Do I stick with what I have? Do I go with the same layout but in a different size or format? Decisions, decisions.

I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope the upcoming week is great for everyone. Stay safe, friends!

5 thoughts on “Week in Review – 05.02.2021

    1. I’ve been at six for awhile. I went to 3 kind of on a whim. Seems to be working out so far. Fingers crossed.

      I’ve discovered that he planner people are a special breed lol. What kind do you use?


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