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Week in review 06.13.2021

Another one bites the dust. The week was busy, but not crazily. I worked a lot of nights, so my mornings were spent sleeping in and doing things around the house before I went to work. I managed to get to the gym a few times, not as often as I’d like. Still need to get those priorities in order. I also need to get my sleep in order. When I close, I tend to stay up later (obviously), so I end up getting up later in the morning, which doesn’t leave a whole hell of a lot of time to get everything done in the morning. But progress is progress. The scale is moving slowly, but it’s moving. I need to knuckle down on diet and exercise and just get. it. done.

Work was good most of the week. Busy, but oddly not. There was a lot going on this week. I got done what I wanted, so that’s all that really matters.

I know I’ve said this before, but I need to get back in the saddle of getting things done. I got a lot of big projects done around the house when I was on vacation, now it’s back to normal and I need to stay on top of things.

Did I mention that I finally found a new doctor? We have an appointment at the end of the month. That was a whole ordeal. That was a lot harder than it should have been – people no longer practiced psychiatry, they weren’t accepting new patients, they never got back to me, and on and on and on. But I finally finished the quest and found a new one – we have an appointment at the end of the month. When the nurse doing the intake over the phone found out that I was out of one of my meds as of the beginning of July she stuck me in an appointment reserved for current patients rather than one of the ones for new patients which would have been in the middle of July. That makes me think that this is going to work. And if not, I got help from my health insurance company on the easy way to use their website to find a new one. I had apparently been searching the wrong thing which is why I was having such a hard time finding one.

I had also mistakenly thought that the website only showed doctors that were affiliated with the health care system – most of the ones I had been finding were part of the outpatient clinic associated with the psych hospital in the area. As it turned out, if I used a different search module I came up with ones that accepted the insurance but weren’t part of that clinic. I have no moral problem with the clinic, my problem was that their location is really inconvenient for me, and based on past history with them, they would have insisted I see one of their therapists. I like the one I found. So far she and I seem to be a good fit, and I don’t want to change just when we’re starting to make some progress and dig down into some issues.

Find help to treat mental illnesses should not be this hard. One doctor I talked to told me that during the pandemic when we were all in lockdown, a large number of people sought mental health treatment for a myriad of reasons – being stuck in the house, depression, anxiety over the whole COVID situation, or finally having the time to work on problems that they should have years ago. Telehealth made it a lot easier for people to seek help, especially when they were working from home. So a lot of doctors in the area are completely booked. Because, guess what – people found out that they liked working on themselves. Good things came of it. And that’s great for them, I’m happy for them. But it made it really hard for some of us to find new clinicians when we needed them. I really lucked out – it didn’t take long to find my therapist, and while I looked hard for a few weeks, I managed to find a doctor. My mom isn’t having the same kind of luck because of her insurance. To be fair, though, another difference is that I spent a lot of time searching for doctors and making phone calls. She isn’t putting nearly the leg work that I did into the whole thing. This might be rude of me to say, but I’m glad neither of my team take her insurance. It always felt a little weird that we had the same doc – especially as he sometimes asked my opinion on how she was doing. Despite the more serious diagnosis, I’m definitely the more stable of the two of us.

I was apparently designated the Cruise Director on the lido deck for our group of friends this week. During the party we all decided that we wanted to go to this concert that’s coming to town in September. Somehow I was designated to find and buy the tickets and they’d all just pay me. That was a pain in the ass – the show is sold out and I needed nine tickets. But, I found them after a little perseverance. And because my friends are great, they all paid me that day. So I wasn’t eating the cost of tickets for months until they paid. That was a nice change. I’m used to having to sit on those costs for quite sometime before people pay. It’s going to be a fun show with a lot of our closest friends.

There’s another concert coming to town in November that we’re going to try and grab tickets for, but this one is just for me and Mike. No friends, just us. Tickets go on sale on Friday, and luckily I close to I should be able to snag them as soon as they go on sale. I’m excited – this is one of our favorite bands, especially to see live. We try not to miss a show whenever they come.

Well, this ended up being a lot longer than I intended.

I’m resetting today, and getting back to basics. I’m hoping to bang out a pretty big list today so I can do some semblance of relaxing the next two days before I go back to work on Wednesday. It’s definitely doable – most things are pretty small: folding the laundry, watering the indoor plants, clean up the ground floor, etc. There’s a few bigger things on their like yardwork (which shouldn’t take too long since I did so much of it while I was on vacation, this is mainly just weeding and a bit of cleanup.

Well, I best get to it. I hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe out there!

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