week in review

Week in review 06.27.2021

Another week gone. Hard to believe we’re about half way through the year. I had to pull out part 2 of my planner for the year the other day to plan for next week, and it made me kind of sad how fast this year is going.

My 39th birthday was last week. It’s funny – I started this blog four years ago to chronicle the 5 years I had until 40. And now we’re standing on the precipice of that milestone. And while in some ways I have my shit a lot more together now than I did then, in others I totally don’t. I still feel like I’m pretending to be an adult more than half of the time.

I remember when I was a kid, adults seemed so serious and boring. At least the adults in my sphere never did anything fun. Maybe it’s because we don’t have kids, but Mike and I spend a lot of time having fun. We work hard, and we play hard.

Anyway, so here’s the lowdown on the past week.

  • I started Couch25k on Saturday night. I need to put some kind of structure into my running days. I’m testing a soft goal of running a 5k by the end of the year, and trying to work out a plan on my own hasn’t been working, so it’s time to bite the bullet and commit to it. I’m hoping that this also motivates me to get to the gym, even when it’s hard and there are other things that I’d rather be doing. It’s the piece of the puzzle that I’m struggling with – finding and making the time. I need to do better, I need to be better.
  • The house is in good working order. It’s mostly clean with just day to day clutter around. I’m actually pretty proud of it. We seem to have fallen into the pattern of clutter which leads to mess. We’ve been pretty good about keeping the place tidy and not letting it get out of control. I’m rather pleased with us.
  • The gardens are looking lovely. I have a compost bin that I’ve been throwing egg shells and orange peels and coffee grounds in and tomorrow I’m going to hit the flowers, especially the roses with it.
  • I’m making progress in my HTML classes. Again, this is something that I need to find the time for. It seems like there’s always something else that needs to be done, but in reality a lot of the time there’s not. I waste time being unmotivated or finding something else to do. This goes back to the idea of doing what I need to achieve my goals, be they health, education, house, whatever, and making time for what needs to be done.
  • Work is good. I managed to get caught up on a bunch of stuff this week, things that we had been pushing to the side for a few weeks. I knuckled down and got it done.
  • I’m hoping that this new medication helps with getting my focused and on point. One nice thing so far is I’m sleeping really well, and then get up easily after 8 or so hours, ready for the day. I just need to adjust my sleeping schedule on days before I’m off or close so I’m not going to be at 2 AM. Going to make for a short day today as I have to be at work at 7 tomorrow morning and will have to go to bed early. No matter. I’m feeling well and in the mood to get stuff done. I don’t have a ton of stuff to do today, so I should be able to bang everything out by midafternoon so long as I stay on top of things.
  • It’s going to be a busy week at work. The construction around the store will be done on Monday, and it’s the week leading up to the 4th so it’s going to be b-u-s-y. Friday and Saturday are especially going to be pretty nuts. But hopefully that’ll make the week go quickly.

I’m feeling a certain kind of motivation heading into this week. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling a drive I haven’t felt in awhile. It’s time to get to work (after this episode of Bridgerton is over, of course).

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