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Week in review – 07.04.2021

I almost titled this “Week in review – Independence edition.” For the last ten minutes I’ve been trying to get rid of my cat – he lives to lay on the desk and push shit around and then put his paws on the keyboard so my computer does all kinds of crazy things. I love him dearly, and feel bad kicking him off, but I need to be able to work. And now I felt bad because he sat on the floor looking all sad, so he’s currently back on my lap. We go through this ritual every night. He gets on my nerves, and then I feel bad because he’s old and not going to be around forever, so I bring him back. And we start all over again. I’m a total softie when it comes to these cats. Fireworks had been going off all evening and night last night, and the girls are young enough that they’ve never experienced it, so they stayed glued to my ankles all night. I tripped over them, more than once, but they stayed right up against my legs. While I was trying to get some work done on side projects, they both curled up at my feet and didn’t move until I got up to go downstairs.

Work this weekend wasn’t nearly as crazy as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been busy, and I’ve run my butt off over the pasts two days, but it’s been manageable. I did the schedule for last week so I went really heavy on Friday and Saturday. It worked out. There was only one instance yesterday that things got a little out of control, but it was easily rectified.

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on a situation for me. So I weigh myself most days. There’s fluctuations from day to day, which is normal and expected. A pound up here, a pound down there, whatever. Right? Well about once every few weeks I’ll weigh myself and it’ll drop 7-9 pounds from the day before. It’ll hover there for a day or two, and then go back up to around what it was before the drop. I don’t know if it’s my scale, or there’s something bizarre going on. I’m inclined to believe that it’s the scale doing something stupid. It’s not possible to drop 8 pounds in 24 hours, nor is it possible (at least not the way that I eat) to spike that in the same time frame. Nothing changes during those drops and spikes.

I am committing, today, to not spending any money that doesn’t need to be spent for the rest of the month. No Amazon shopping, no impulse buying, nothing. If I don’t need it, I’m not buying it. The only purchase I have planned for the next two months is that I’m going to buy a Cricut when I get my bonus in August. I did so well for so long with not impulse shopping and saving money for tattoo appointments, bigger purchases that I was planning for, whatever. Over the last month I’ve gotten away from that. I still have time to save for what I need, but I need to knuckle back down and limit my spending. It’s all about self control. I’ve proven before that I can do it, I just need to get back to it. And that’s going to be thinking through each purchase and asking – do I need this? Can I live without it? Is it a good deal? Would the money be best spent on something else?

Speaking of self control… I need to really exercise some self discipline and get my butt to the gym, or at least work out at home. I do pretty good for a week or two, and then I get busy and just don’t do it. There’s a branch of my gym 5 minutes from work. I need to start utilizing it. Now that my new meds are working and I seem to have discipline everywhere else, I need to get down to it and do it. My diet has been pretty good. Yesterday I kind of gave up for the day, but every other day I’ve been really consistent with it. I need to make a plan, and stick to it.

HTML classes are going well. Progress is slow, but definitely moving in the right direction. I’m taking it slow, trying to retain as much of this that I can. There’s no point in rushing through it only to get to the end and not have absorbed anything. Obviously the most time I have to do this is late at night, so I’m trying not to cram a number of lessons in at one time, but rather focus on two or three a night. The nice thing about this program is it’s a learn at your own speed kind of thing, so I’m not under a time constraint and I really can take my time. One thing I’ve been doing in after each lesson and practice session, I’ve been pulling up pages like IMDB, or Goodreads, or something similar and looking at the source code to see how what I learned in the last lesson is used in the real world. Some things are pretty obvious – image sources and links, for example – but other things are a little easier to understand when you see them actually used.

I’m currently reading Everything is Fucked: A Story of Hope by Mark Manson. I read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck a few year ago, and it really made a lot of sense to me. The writing style, the examples used, it really resonated with me. So I’m giving his second book a good. So far I’m really into it. Again, his style just makes sense to me. I actually loaned my old copy of The Subtle Art to my old therapist (clearly never getting that back), so I bought a new copy. It should be here sometime this week and I’ll probably reread that after I finish Everything if Fucked. I’m not normally into self help books. I find them patronizing and generally non-helpful. These books, though… they make sense. Sometimes it takes a smack to the back of the head for me to get a point. That’s what these books are. They’re both geared toward Gen X-ers and Millennials.

After de-clutterring all of my planner stuff (stickers and paper stuff, at least), I’m starting to get to the point of what I really need and really use. I’m hoping that when I get a Cricut I can just make myself what I want and will use rather than throwing money at Etsy shops and go with what works well enough, but not completely. I’ve got a mental list going of what I want to make. I might start playing around with designs and whatnot in the next few weeks so I’ve got some prototypes to work with. I have no intention of opening an Etsy shop, just for the record. I’ve got enough on my plate that that’s not something that I want to add. This is for me. This is making things that I want to use, for me. I’m sure I’ll make other stuff with a Cricut, but this is the focus to start with.

Well, this started out as a week in review post, but I’m not sure what it turned into. A midway through the year summary? An update on all of the little random things going on in life? I don’t know. Thanks for reading this far.

I hope everyone has an excellent Independence Day and a great week. Enjoy the fireworks if that’s your kind of thing.

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