Does anyone remember GeoCities?

Does anyone out there remember the website Geocities? When I was high school me and a lot of my friends all had websites hosted there. It was my first foray into the world HTML, and even though I was self-taught, I learned a lot.

I’m currently working through an HTML course, and it’s funny – most of it is generally the same. Some things have changed, but I remembered a lot of it from almost 25 years ago.

Someone recently asked me why I’m “wasting” my time learning to code. I don’t think it’s a waste at all. It gives me a skill set that I can add to a resume. It’ll allow me to customize this blog even more (hell, I may try and build it from the ground up when I get through these courses). And what’s wrong with learning something for the sake of learning something? I enjoy learning new things. Broaden the mind.

I don’t think that there’s ever an instance that learning something new is a bad thing. Well, maybe if you’re learning how to build a bomb, or something along those lines. I think that people should take the time to learn something new every so often – a hobby, a skill, or even just an interest. If you’re reading a non-fiction book, you’re learning. If you read a food blog, you’re learning. If you’re watching a YouTube video about crocheting, you’re learning. If you’re on a 2 AM deep dive on Wikipedia, you’re learning. You get the point.

I think that it’s sad that so many people stop seeking new knowledge as they get older. It’s like now that they’re done with school, they’re never going to pick up a book again. I, personally, can’t imagine a life where I stopped learning.

Just some thoughts today. Nothing deep or earth shattering.

I hope everyone’s having a great day and a great week!

5 thoughts on “Does anyone remember GeoCities?

  1. I only vaguely recall Geocities, as I didn’t have a site there. I think it’s cool that you’re learning more html. I’ve contemplated learning some html beyond the few ultra-basic bits I know now, but haven’t gotten quite motivated enough to do so yet.


    1. Geocities was a fun little site.

      I bought a bundle off of StackSkills that does everything from HTML to CSS to Java and a whole bunch of other stuff. I’m about halfway through the HTML one where we’ve learned the basics. The next half is about applying them. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this.

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  2. I can’t stop learning either – I’m always reading something new or trying to solve problems either for my job or for my own personal improvement. I think the people who are anti-learning are the same people who are anti-vaccines, anti-science, anti-media, anti-progress, and who are easily influenced by people who fool them into thinking everything is a culture war. Some people choose to stop learning, unless it comes from the University of Facebook (or worse).


    1. You’re not wrong. I think that those that strive to keep learning are the ones that are constantly challenging themselves to do better and be better. They don’t settle for mediocrity in themselves or others, and they push others to be better.


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