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Week in review 07.18.2021 (sort of)

Rob was nice enough to get in touch with me yesterday and let me know my blog was down. Turned out I had mistyped an email address in WordPress and they took my site down until I fixed it. Goofy part was I was still getting emails from WordPress the whole time. Weird. But whatever, it’s fixed now.

So today you’re getting a combo weekly review, as well as my normal stream of consciousness posts. Not that the week in review posts aren’t, but they at least have a point.

So first big news is that I’m down a pants size. I noticed my pants were getting pretty baggy, so while I was at Target today I picked up a smaller size, figuring if they fit – great. If not – they’ll hopefully fit someday soon. Turns out, they fit perfectly. I may have done a happy dance in the middle of the kitchen when I buttoned them. They are literally a perfect fit. Now, I’m not going to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but I may pick up another pair work pants in this size. I’m super excited. This is really the second major non-scale victory I’ve hit since I really got down to business at the end of June.

Overall last week was a really good week. I spent some really good time with Mike; we watched Black Widow from the comfort of our couch while we ate a steak dinner, and we got to spend other random time together through the week. It was nice as I opened a number of days so we were home at the same time and had the evening to spend together. I’m shooting for daylight hours once I find a new job, so hopefully we can have more evenings together.

Obviously diet and exercise was good. The only day I didn’t hit the gym was Wednesday, and my diet was really good. I managed, even on the days that I opened, to get to the gym before work. Even if it was at 5:30 in the morning. And I’m continuing the trend this week. I opened today, and at 5:45 I was on the treadmill. Which brings me to the first non-scale victory. I completed the first week of C25k! I had to repeat day one about 4 times before I got enough into the swing of it, and then I repeated day 3 once since my first go-round was awful. But I managed to finish day 3 this morning. It felt damn good. I felt accomplished, I felt strong, I felt capable. And I actually enjoyed the run. Most of it, at least. The last 30 seconds of the run before the cool down was kind of rough. But I did it. And it felt amazing.

Work was good, even if my boss did have me jumping all week. I didn’t get a whole lot of my actual job done past the schedule. Luckily, her normal work horse is back from vacation tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get a break to actually catch up on what didn’t get done and then what has to be done this week. Not that I have much time – as of Thursday I’m a six-day break. I’ll get done what I can, and then pass the rest off to him. Hopefully most of it gets done so we don’t start behind again next week.

One of my goals for my time off this weekend is to get work done on a blanket that I found the pieces to a few months ago when I organized the room. It’s a “granny square” blanket but they’re not actually granny squares. The squares are different stitches in different colors and I really want to get it done. It just seems to keep getting pushed to the side for other things that are going on. So I’m going to work on it this weekend.

I started some of the meditation exercises and mindful breathing exercises that my therapist suggested. I’m absolutely pants at it. The breathing is a little easier because I do something along those lines when I’m jogging to try and control my breath, but the meditation? Horrible. I can’t sit still, my mind goes in 20 directions, and I can’t stay focused inward for very long. I’ll keep trying, but I’m not expecting miracles. The breathing might be the way that I go long term. It’s easy to do, and I can focus on that a little easier than some guided meditation from an app.

My sleep is actually still really good. I’m falling asleep quickly when I go to bed, I’m waking up with my alarm and actually getting up. Case in point – this morning my alarm went off at 4:45. I looked at the clock, figured I could either sleep another hour plus some, or I could get up and go to the gym. After fighting an internal battle I got up and went to the gym, having decided I’d rather do it now than do it after work. A month ago even waking up at 4:45, even with going to bed early, would have been impossible. I suspect that the medication my doc gave me for ADHD is allowing me to get a more restful sleep and so I’m waking up easier. I have no evidence other than it started right around the same time I started the med. Anectodical, but not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

I’m going to leave it there for now. I hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe, friends

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