week in review

Week in review – 07.25.2021

Here we are at the end of another week. I swear, the further we get into the year, the faster time goes. And time is flying anymore. I remember when I was a kid time seemed to last forever. And the deeper I get into adulthood the faster it goes.

Here’s some of the highlights for this week.

  • Health – I saw my psychiatrist last week. The appointment went well. She’s very pleased with the addition of the Intuniv and how well the low dose is working. And it sure as hell is working. Is this how normal people feel? I can actually focus on things. I’m not like the dog from Up that gets distracted by squirrels anymore.

    My mood has been pretty good. Feeling capable because I’m actually getting things done goes a long way to that. There’s one thing that I’ve noticed is gone, and that’s the random rage Have you ever banged your foot or knee or hand or something off of something, and with the first flush of pain comes a random burst of rage that dissipates quickly? No? Just me? Ok then. But I’ve noticed I’m not getting that so much anymore. I don’t know if it’s the new med, a combination of all of them together, or if it’s just me and it’s going away. But I’m glad that seems to be happening less and less.

    Diet wise things are going well. I know the days that I fall off the wagon the weight is going to go up a bit the next morning and I try to do better the next few days. The nice thing about macros is that by and large it doesn’t matter what I eat, so long as I stay in those set numbers goals. And the fact that I’m not on a 1200 calorie/day diet and am still losing weight is so nice. When I tried Noom I got their canned 1200 cal/day diet, and it was impossible to stay on. When I did stay in that ballpark I was not a nice person. That kind of diet is definitely not for me. It’s just not sustainable. Macros, for me at least, break it down in a way that makes sense, and is more sustainable long term. The key thing is that I’m not denying myself anything – not sugar, or carbs, or fat, or anything else. And that’s why it’s working It takes some planning and some work every day, but once you get into the swing of weighing your food it just kind of becomes routine.

    Workouts. These are going extremely well. I think I talked in another post that I’m doing the 25k every other day, and then lifting – upper body or lower body, alternating – on the running off days. I’m making good progress on the running/jogging part. I finished week 2 day 1 on Saturday, and am looking forward to Monday. If I can’t complete a day for whatever reason, I repeat it on the next run day. So far, other than week 1 day 1, I haven’t had to repeat more than once That first day I had to repeat a few times as I was not used to jogging at all, and I was just kind of jumping right in. I think programs like this expect that you come with a degree of fitness, even if they claim they don’t. I don’t know anyone that’s been able to jump into this program and just go straight through. But, just like most things, the point is progression over perfection.

    Water. I drink way too much Diet Coke. Still less than I used to as I was also drinking a liter of water a day, but I wanted to cut down even more. So I bought a 2 liter water bottle and have been working on that the last few days. Over the course of the day I finish it, and drink a lot less soda. For example – it’s currently 4:23 pm, and since I’m off, by now I would have been three sodas in. I’ve drank one so far today, and that was first thing this morning. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes when I go back to work on Wednesday.
  • Social – I’m trying to be social about once a week or so with different people. I’ve become such a homebody over the years that going out to dinner, even if I really want to, just sometimes seems totally exhausting. I generally have a good time when I do, but sometimes it’s hard. So I talk myself into it, and I go, and I enjoy myself, but I’m always so happy to be home. I try to time it so I go out when Mike’s at work, but it doesn’t always work out that way. And then I feel bad that I’m out instead of home with him. Some weeks we get so little time together to do anything meaningful. He goes to bed so early, and I do too when I open, that some nights its frozen pizza for dinner and watching an hour of something on Netflix before we go to bed. Going to the gym in the morning has been helping because my afternoons are more or less free, barring random things around the house that have to be done.
  • Job search – my resume and basic cover letter are pretty much done. I’ve started looking at postings, and I’m feeling a little hopeful as this might actually work. I’m reading these job descriptions…. and I’m qualified. Mostly, at least. You’re never going to check all of the boxes in a job description. If you do, I believe that you should be looking a level higher than what you are. At this point I’m just waiting for bonuses to hit the go button. Seems stupid to walk away from almost $2k.
  • Other random things. I ordered my 2022 planner last night. They were having a sale, and I had a $25 off coupon, so I pulled the trigger. It’s mostly the same format, just a smaller size. They introduced an A5 size for a few of the planners this last launch, and I’m looking forward to trying it. I also picked up another guided journal. I got one in a Surprise Box this spring, that it turns out I really like. I’m more than halfway through it, so I figured I’d grab a similar one during the sale. I’m excited to get it. I used to journal as a kid, but got out of practice as I went into adulthood. But using this guided journal has been really helpful this summer. It starts off with two questions – always “what did you focus on today?” and the something along the lines of “how did you take care of yourself today?” or “how were you compassionate with yourself today?” There’s a lined section at the bottom to write about whatever. Sometimes I write paragraphs, sometimes bullet points, sometimes just words. I’ve found it to be a really positive experience just about every night this summer, and I’m looking forward to continuing it through the last half of the year. I honestly think this is part of the reason my mood and outlook have been so much better.

That’s all I’ve got for this past week. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and your week is amazing. Stay safe, friends!

2 thoughts on “Week in review – 07.25.2021

  1. Omg I’m such a planner fanatic. I have tons of them but i don’t ever stick with one other then my work one which due to hippa i have to destroy when done. I just bought another a5 ring one and am hoping it sticks this time… fingers crossed.

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    1. I try to stick to one but it’s so hard! The one I’m using is the only one I’ve ever gotten to work well for me, despite trying others. I feel your pain


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