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Sorry, I can’t come to work today, I have kittenitis

Meet Fuzz Lightyear

We brought this little dude home yesterday after work. He spent most of the night under the vanity, which is where everyone we’ve brought home has spent at least their first night. There’s a blanket under there for such an occasion, or just when someone needs some alone time. It happens. Anyway, today he was out and about and playing with us and getting all of the pets. He’s going to spend at least a few more days in the bathroom and then we’ll start introducing him to the rest of the gang. I have no doubt that it’ll go fine so long as we go slow.

Otherwise everything seems to be going fine. Mike even commented last night that it seems like I’m just about out of whatever funk I was in. The last little pieces are slowly coming back together.

Last week I got work done on my sleeve, as well as two new piercings. Both of those tend to help to bring me out of whatever’s going on. He calls it skin therapy. He’s not wrong. I’ve just got to finish getting my act together and letting things distract me from what I have to do. I need to keep my goals at the front of my mind and the work I need to do to achieve them. It’s just so easy to get distracted and do something else more fun than do the work. I really just need to knuckle down and do it. Ignore the distractions, get my head on straight and tackle it.

I close for the next four days, which in some sense is nice because I’ll have the mornings to do stuff as well as a little bit of time when I get home, but Tuesday I have to be at work at 8 for a meeting and I’m going to be dragging ass that whole day. Which really sucks because we’re going to a concert that night with a whole mess of friends. It’s going to be a long ass day, but at least the second half is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Well, I guess it’s time to get started on my weekend and everything I need to do today before I go to work. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Sunday!

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