A bit of a break and a damn good show

Hi there. It’s been a bit, hasn’t it?

The last week was nuts. I worked days straight, five of those closes, and it seemed like every day either before or after work I had errands to run or things to do. So this got neglected a little bit. It happens, I guess.

Everything seemed to get away from me last week – gym, diet, things around the house, the whole nine. It’s been a rough week. But it’s over now, and that’s all that matters. Now it’s just time to get back on track. To get everything back on track.

At the end of this hellacious week was the All Time Low show. It was an amazing night, with amazing friends and amazing music. This is a band that I’m pretty sure I’ll never miss a tour of. The night was just electric, and it was a lot of fun to share with some of our closest friends.

Things are going slowly with the new kitten. We had made some progress on getting him used to us and meeting the rest of the inmates, and then we put a collar on him. He freaked. It honestly never occurred to us that he wouldn’t take to it well – all of the rest of them did, why wouldn’t he? So now we’re back to gaining his trust. I was hoping to have him out and about in the house by now, but we’ve been pushed back a few steps. So we’re taking it slower this time and trying to take things at his speed rather than ours. It’s just hard because we’re so excited to have him here with us and want to see him playing with the girls, cuddling with Newtie or Darwin, being groomed and mothered by Rosie, or cuddling and hanging out with us. We’re also used to older cats. He’s been surrounded by his brothers and sisters until last week when we brought him home. Looking back, I’m sure there’s a lot of shock involved. Poor little dude. Luckily we’re patient and committed. It might be slow going, but we’re determined to do things right.

I’m going to leave it there for now. Here’s to hoping that life goes back to normal starting today.

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