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Why should I have to explain myself?

I emailed our regional HR coordinator and told her I applied for a number of corporate positions. She emailed me back and literally asked me why. I get that it’s her job to keep people in the store, but just to blatantly ask why? She’s either fishing, or just doesn’t know tact. Maybe I want to try something new, maybe I want the hell out of the store. I will say this – at some point I’m going to leave one way or another. It’s your call if I stay with the company or I take my talents elsewhere. Unless something pans out this week, it’s time to start seriously looking to move.

I don’t think I’ve ever met, in a professional capacity at least, someone that works in HR that doesn’t rub me the wrong way. Believe me, I understand that their job is to protect the company, but do they all have to be so… slimy? Underhanded? A friend of ours is dating a girl that works in HR, and I have to admit, that’s part of the reason that she and I haven’t gotten closer. I have a hard time trusting people that work in that field. Maybe I’ve been burned by too many that are willing to lie and cheat, especially right to your face like you don’t know the truth.

In other news, I slept a little better last night. Well, at the very least I got up a little easier. It was still a lot of sleep, but I at least got out of bed a whole lot easier than I have for awhile. I still slept for almost 12 hours, but I didn’t wake up as tired as I have been. So I guess that’s a win. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

I read something awhile ago that a different version of you lives in everyone that you meet and know. Sometimes I wonder what that version looks like to some people. I had a conversation with some people recently and they told me that when they first met me I intimidated them. That took me by surprise – I don’t see myself as being intimidating at all. I’m a nerd who loves cats. So I asked some friends – apparently a few of them felt the same way when they first met me. And then I asked Mike. His answer? “Yeah, I can see that.” Ugh. But no one can give me a good answer about why they thought or felt that way. So helpful. Luckily they all agreed that once they got to know me they didn’t feel that way at all, and actually quite liked me. So that’s good, right? I’d still like to know why that was their first impression, but it seems like I’ll never get a specific answer.

I guess I’ll leave it there for tonight. I’m off tomorrow, but I want to try and head to bed and break the cycle of being up until 1am. I hope everyone’s week started off well. Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “Why should I have to explain myself?

    1. One HR director in particular was an absolute snake. He was sneaky, conniving, two faced, untrustworthy, and anytime you dealt with him you’d count your fingers to make sure they were all still there.

      I asked a good friend last night – she claims it’s that I carry myself with a lot of confidence (ha!) and people are intimidated by that.

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