Faves and Fails

September Faves and Fails

He we are, at the end of the month again. So it’s everyone’s favorite time (or not) – Faves and Fails. There’s a lot more faves this month than fails, and a lot of it is going to center around books and music.

So here we go.


Marvel’s What If? on Disney+. I’m always a fan of alternative time lines, and this show does exactly that. It asks what if our favorite stories had gone differently? It’s incredibly well done, and a lot of the Marvel talent came back and did the voices for their characters. If you like the Marvel movies at all, this is worth checking out.

Twining’s Winter Spice Tea – I’m normally not big on herbal tea, but this is my favorite tea to have at night before bed. I don’t limit this to just winter, but I just stocked up so I figured it was worth mentioning. It’s calming and relaxing, as well as being delicious. I’ll see your pumpkin spice and raise you winter spice any day of the week.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer – I’m not big on rereading books, but I read this one for the second time this month. I read it a few years ago, and on the reread remembered why I loved this book so much the first time around. It’s the origin story of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. It’s beautifully done and captures all of the wonder and whimsy of Hearts. On the whole I’m a fan of origin stories, especially when they capture the heart of the original, and this definitely fits the bill. I believe it’s technically a “young adult” book, but it doesn’t really read like one.

The Great British Bake Off – I started watching this on Netflix after having seen an episode randomly in August. I love it. It might be the most British show ever. It’s baking and humor and everything is just lovely. Mary Berry might be my spirit animal.

The Maine – We went to the Sad Summer Tour with All Time Low at the beginning of the month, and the Maine was one of the opening bands. I immediately fell in love.

The Method Cleaning products – I’ve been using the Method bathroom cleaners for awhile and love them. I picked up the glass cleaner, and while a little more expensive than your good old fashioned Windex, it smells so much better, and I think works a little better too. All of the products I’ve used get an A+. The products are more ecofriendly and natural than most cleaning products, so I feel better using them around the cats.


Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine HarisI was a big fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books. Big fan. I read them all. So this popped up on Kindle Unlimited as a Similar to Others thing, so even though it wasn’t the first in the series, I figured I’d give it a go. It was the most boring, tedious book I’ve read in quite some time. I kept waiting for it to get better, and it never really did. Boring. Turned me off enough that I won’t be reading anything else in this series, or maybe anything else by Ms. Harris that isn’t Sookie Stackhouse related.

PNC – For a lot of years we used PNC as our bank. And then randomly they took almost $600 in “fees” out, wouldn’t tell us what they were for, nor would they refund them without us threatening to get an attorney involved. We never even got all of them back. There came a point where it wasn’t worth the fight. Needless to say, we severed our relationship with them, and went to another bank. Now, I have a random “mad money” account that I mainly use to pay for things like my hair and my nails with an online bank. Well guess who bought them out. That’s right. So as soon as the transition over completes, I’ll be closing the account and moving it to my primary bank.

the Erin Condren fall seasonal surprise box – I was not impressed with this box. There was little in it that I found to be of any use to me. I need to – still haven’t – sold the things that I won’t use. Odd, because fall is normally my favorite box. It was a miss this time. Hopefully winter will be better.

So that’s it for my faves and fails for September. I really didn’t try new makeup or do anything outside the norm. It was a pretty quiet month.

6 thoughts on “September Faves and Fails

    1. Luckily these aren’t subscription boxes. You buy each one individually when they’re released. The nice thing about the EC one is people are always willing to buy what you don’t want. You just have to make the effort to post it on Facebook, but they sell relatively quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely a fear of missing out scenario. In the past I’ve really looked forward to them, but the last two had been kind of blah. I know not every box is going to be a winner for every buyer, but it sucks when they’re a dud. I wish there were more sneak previews or hints as to what was going to be in them.


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