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Week in review – 10.03.2021 a day late

The weekend definitely got away from me. Between work and home, there was just a lot going on. And to be honest, I prioritized spending time with Mike over just about everything. That meant a few things had to suffer, the blog being one of them for the day.

Last week was pretty “meh.” Diet was a lot better – already down a few pounds. Still can’t seem to make it to the gym – I make plans to go and then things happen and I don’t. Or at least on my days off I go, but the other five days? Not so much. So despite unsubscribing a month or two ago, I resubscribed to BeachBody on Demand so I can work out at home on the days that for whatever reason I can’t get to the gym. No excuses any more.

I tried doing workouts on YouTube, but I either couldn’t find a whole series that was free, or they were way above my skill and fitness level to start. At least with BeachBody I know the programs I want to do and what I need to do them.

I’m hoping that this week gets back to some sense of normalcy. That I can put it all together finally and feel like I’m making progress and that I’m moving in the right direction.

Have therapy tomorrow, and as usual there’s still a lot to unpack from the last few weeks. I just want to feel completely normal again. I want my sleep to be normal and not require 10 hours just to be functional. I want to feel in control of my own body – both physically and mentally. I think that’s thee worst part, the loss of control.

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