week in review

Week in review – 11.14.2021

Well, obviously the big news is the new job. I’m excited about it. Nervous, too, which I guess is to be expected.

Putting in my notice at work went… ok. My manager seemed blind sided. I don’t know how – she knew I was looking internally, wouldn’t it stand to reason I’d also be looking externally? Maybe she really didn’t realize that I was. I’ve noticed in my two years here that people either float in the surface or they bleed for this company. And she’s a bleeder. She’s sacrificed how many years – she is legit married to her job. If that’s what it takes in this company, then no thanks. One of my co-managers regularly works 15 hour days, and all he gets is a pay on the head. No compensation. Nothing. Screw that, I have a life outside of this place.

On the upside, my boss treated me no differently today than she had in the past. So that’s good. I’m still worried that she’s going to make my life hell, but at least in the short term it seems to be ok.

Overall the week was pretty good. I can’t really complain. I feel like I might finally be on the right path, professionally speaking. Still need to get my personal life back in line, but progress is being made.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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