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So much paperwork

**Note – I meant to post this yesterday but apparently never hit the publish button. Oops**

I’ve started the onboarding paperwork for the new job. Good grief, there’s a lot of it. I have to go downtown on Monday to have a physical. Blaaaaaaaah. I love listing all of my medication It’s like proof that I’m crazy. I don’t like admitting to what I’m taking, especially to a job. I know my boss won’t see it – they’ll just see pass or fail on my drug test, but still. It’s like an admission that I don’t want to make.

I’m getting excited. Word is starting to spread around work. It’s real – it’s happening. At this point there’s no going back. One way or another I’m leaving my job in 12/2 I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t start the new job, but that’s my anxiety talking. But I still worry that I’m going to end up at Target for the holidays.

Now I just need to get through the next 16 days and I’ll be done. Most of it is going to be taken up by the Thanksgiving rush which is already gearing up, which I’m just praying to get through, and then it’ll be a week of relative calm before I’m done.

In other news we seem to have ended up with another kitten. He’s six weeks (ish) old, was born under a friend of our’s deck. Mama is a barn cat from the farm next door, and for whatever reason, this year the farmer had no interest in the kittens. Well, it got cold, and my husband is a big softie (even though he’ll never admit it), so Saturday night we went out and trapped the new baby. We’ve named him Fish. And we must be insane. He’s a little spicy in that he doesn’t want to be touched yet, but he’s getting to be ok with us at least being in the same room as him.

I guess I’ll leave it there for tonight. Have a good week!

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