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I hate the holidays

Dealing with the public again this year has just made me remember how much I hate so much of humanity. People are just rude. I don’t understand the place that people go mentally that makes it ok to scream at a 16 year old kid over a $0.50 coupon. Like, seriously. I had a lady yesterday that was really disappointed with the cake that they ordered. She was nice about it, we looked for other options, and guess what, I gave her the cake for free. But she handled the situation correctly. She didn’t scream at the girl behind the counter that had nothing to do with decorating the cake, and worked with me on a solution that we both could be happy with. Imagine that, act like a sane human being and you’ll go away happy. Scream at me and you’ll still probably get what you want (because, corporate), and you might leave feeling like you won, but you’ll leave with all of us thinking that you’re a shit person.

Our new kitty is a lot less spicy, but still confined to the bathroom until he’s dewormed. I don’t know for sure that he has worms, but it’s not a bad idea to hit him with one just in case. He’s got the kitten belly which either means fat and happy or worms. So… deworming time. I made an appointment with our vet for his initial appointment, but they can’t see him until January 3rd, and I called a local rescue that does spay/neuter so I’m hoping they get back to me next week. The sooner we can get that and the potential worms dealt with the sooner we can let him out of the bathroom. He’s so cute it’s not even funny. His personality is coming out, and he’s hysterical. He’s a total goofy kitten, but he’s also a crochety old man. It’s hysterical. He wants to cuddle and play, but he also wants to lay around judging everyone. I feel that, Fish, I feel that pretty hard.

13 days until I’m done. I’m trying to not hit the panic button. I’m not good with change, and this is a big one. Totally new career, totally new field, totally new everything. And I’m nervous. I don’t know who wouldn’t be. I’m trying to not let the anxiety run my life, and being busy at work does help (though being fully staffed next week will be lovely), but during those quiet moments… I’m anxious. I stress ate a whole pizza last night, something I haven’t done in years.

Right. Time to get the day started.

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