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The Wait is Over

I got the job. The salary isn't what I want - it's comparable to what I'm making now. I was hoping for a bump, but we talked about it and decided that the fact that it's M-F 8-5 in an organization that I want and have a lot of room to move in the future.… Continue reading The Wait is Over

job search

The waiting game

I’m not good at being patient. I don’t like surprises. Ergo, I am not good at waiting to hear something back from the interview. Maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought. Maybe she’s working on negotiating salary. Maybe she’s interviewing more qualified people. Maybe they hated me. Maybe I totally blew it. Maybe… Continue reading The waiting game

mental health

Day 2

Everything was a little bit better yesterday, except for my sleep. I tried to go to bed at 11, and by 1 AM I ended up on the couch watching Criminal Intent because I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't get comfortable, kept tossing and turning, was too hot and then too cold. But yesterday was… Continue reading Day 2